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Top Mobile & Computer Repair, Based in Lancaster, offers a complete range of Computer, Mobile & Tablet Repair and upgrade services. Does your home computer or office Computer run slow or require an upgrade? Our team of experienced technicians and hardware & software engineers has been serving the needs of residential and business customers all over the Lancaster Area. Our wide range of Computer, Mobile & Tablet Repair services include expert diagnosis and troubleshooting of Computer, Mobile & Tablet hardware and software problems, including optimisation of your computer for enhanced performance, wireless networking and installation of the latest operating system and security patches.

services laptop repair 1

Bios Update

Bios Fail, Updating

services laptop repair 5

Booting Problem

Missing Files, Crashes

services laptop repair 3

Data Backup Services

Back data from dead computer, pc, broken External HDD

services laptop repair 4

Blue Screen

Booting Problem Blue Death Screen Numbers

laptop repair 18

Desktop & Laptop Repairs

All Brands, Fix & Upgrade

freezes laptop repair 17


Too Slow, Freeze, Slow Response

Wireless laptop repair 16

Internet Problem

Wireless Issue, Internet Router Setup

keyboard laptop repair 15

Keyboard Repair

Liquid Spill, Keys Snapped Off

SCREEN laptop repair 14

Laptop Screen Repair

Most Brand

laptop repair 13

Liquid Damage

Liquid Damage

laptop repair 12

Over Heating

PC & Laptop Shuts Down, Over Heat

services laptop repair 2

Motherboard Repair

Mainboard Repair

services laptop repair 6

Virus Attack | Spyware Removal

Infections, Spyware Removals, Antivirus Scans

services laptop repair 9

Power Issues

Dead, Restarts, Loose, No Power, Intermittent Power

services laptop repair 8

Ram Upgrade

Ram Upgrade 

services laptop repair 7

Solid State HDD

Upgrade, Cloning, Replacement

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